“Babatzim” Tsipouro without Anise 200ml



“Babatzim” Tsipouro without Anise 200ml

It was started by Anestis Babatzimopoulos of Stavros in 1875 in Constantinople with privately owned vineyards in the Delliones Selymbria.

With the exchange of poputation in 1922 he arrives in Chrysoupoli, Kavala, where he continues the distillery till the end of his life in 1937.

Since then the company, having reached the fourth generation and always located in Chrysoupoli in the County of Kavala, produces the Genuine and Traditional Ouzo and Tsipouro Babatzim with the same taste and the same unique recipe of its founder.

Babatzim Tsipouro without anise is an authentic Greek product irrevocably linked to the Greek concepts of life, hospitality, and fun. It is the distillate of the skins of grapes. The crafting of Tsipouro begins with the selection of grapes and the careful fermentation of their grape skins (left after the grapes have been pressed and the resulting must has been sent for vinification) and ends with the grape skins being subjected to slow distillation.

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