Gia..gia mas Pandaisia 9 Greek fruits Drink 600gr



Enrich your senses with our Greek fruits, which will travel and inspire your taste buds to discover the gastronomic heritage of Greece! If you’ve ever wondered how many fruits fit in a jar, Gia… giamas has the answer and created a “pandemonium” of fruit for young and old! An enjoyable combination of 8 + 1 fruits (pear, apple, peach, apricot, carrot, grape, lemon, kiwi, orange) rich in vitamins and nutrients.A product of combining 8 + 1 Greek fruits, without any additives or dyes. It can be prepared and enjoyed either as a juice or as a soft drink.Our 600gr bottle gives you:12-370ml servings you can enjoy in our special traditional glass jar, or 24-300ml in water glass.

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