“Kalogerakis” Cretan Sour Myzithra 500g


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“Kalogerakis” Cretan Sour Mizithra 500g

Sour Myzithra consists another interesting version of sweet Mizithra with a similar delicate flavor. It is also included in the group of whey cheeses and consists the main ingredient of some of the most famous Cretan pies such as that of mizithropita and sarikopita. It is also an accompaniment to Cretan Dakos (Ntakos) and many other dishes.

Kalogeraki’s Sour Mizithra, is made from sheep and goat milk, cow milk and milk whey.

Texture and Color: It is characterized as a soft and creamy white cheese with grains in its mass and of indeterminate shape.

Taste: It has a dry and brackish taste.

“Key to success”: The constantly excellent quality and taste of the milk which comes from livestock grazing in mountain and foothill areas of Crete, an island blessed with rich flora.

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