“Kalogerakis” Dry Myzithra, Anthotyro Cheese approx. 500g



“Kalogerakis” Dry Myzithra, Anthotyro Cheese approx. 500g

It is about an exceptional Cretan Cheese which can be characterized as Anthotyros Dry as it is the dry version of sweet Mizithra. The main reason of its creation was the production of a slightly saltier cheese which could be grated.

Kalogeraki’s Anthotiros is made from sheep, goat and cow milk and milk whey such as sweet mizithra. The only difference is that right after its production, it is left to dry in specially fitted ripening rooms for some weeks. It is considered a high quality kind of cheese which also belongs to the family of whey cheeses. It has become very popular because of its use in Cretan weddings whose traditional food includes juicy spaghetti boiled in the broth of local meat and coated with a large amount of anthotiros.

Texture and Color: It is a semi-hard white cheese, with no cuts, with a rough surface and covered with rind.

Taste: It has a pronounced brackish, buttery taste.

“Key to success”: The constantly excellent quality and taste of the milk which comes from livestock grazing in mountain and foothill areas of Crete, an island blessed with rich flora.

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