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“Kourtaki” Vin De Crete White Dry 750ml



“Kourtaki” Vin De Crete White Dry 750ml

Status : Country wine of the island of Crete

Grape variety : Vilana, a native grape unique to Crete Vineyards : On the foothills of the north-facing slopes of the mountains of central Crete.

Characteristics : A pale, light straw colour. A delightful floral bouquet is exhibited on the nose with just a touch of citrus fruit underneath. The fresh tasting, clean, crisp palate displays flavours of citrus throughout, whilst good acidity balances the quite delicate fruit, and the finish is long and penetrating.

Food/Serving : Excellent on its own, but also makes delicious accompaniment to fresh seafood.

Serve chilled (7o – 9oC / 45o – 48oF).

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