“Avramoglou” Cumin Ground, Kumino 50g

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“Avramoglou” Cumin Ground – Kumino 50g

It can be found in Mediterranean countries, in India, China and Mexico, in meadows and pastures. It has a very characteristic aroma, intense and strong, with a taste that is also intense and resembles Karo. That is the reason why Karo and cumin are confused even though there is no botanical relation among their plants. In the past, cumin was used in folk medicine, but today it is only used in Veterinary medicine. Its beneficial properties are even mentioned in the Old Testament. Its essential oil is used to flavor beverages, ice creams, sweets and gums. It is the main component in many spice mixes like chilly, curry and sauces. It is used to give aroma and flavor to raw meat and to minsed meat. It is essential in soutzoukakia, sausages, and in island specialties. Also, it has the reputation of helping in digestion.

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