“Baking Stories” Olive Oil Cookies with Greek Yogurt Raisins & Thyme Honey 180g

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The Tsatsakis family has created the new ‘Baking Stories’ series, which combines respect to tradition with natural ingredients generously offered by the privileged Cretan land.‘Olive Oil Cookies with Yogurt, Raisins and Thyme Honey’, a tasteful delicacy inspired by the Minoan Cretan Diet (2.500 BC).

A delicacy that is based on extra virgin olive oil and its antioxidant properties according to Cretan-Mediterraneandietary standards. The Greek yogurt which is rich in calcium, as well as natural thyme honey from the Cretan mountains, combined with excellent quality raisins, creates a unique combination of flavor and taste. This nutritious treasure comes directly from Greek and Cretan tradition. An ideal snack for every age, at any time of the day.


Contain Gluten and dairy product (lactose) and may contain traces of tree nuts, sulfites and sesame


In stock