“Aegeo” Baked Giant Beans – Gigantes 2Kg

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“Aegeo” Baked Giant Beans – Gigantes 2Kg

A nutritional and healthy food. GIANT BEANS are a good source of energy, proteins and dietary fibers without providing harmful fats. It is a perfect choice for the fasting period.

The specific variety “GIANT BEANS” is distinguished for the large size of the beans their unique shape and their white color. They are coming from the lake of Prespes in the area of Florina. Their cultivation has been a local tradition for many decades. Their quality is attributed to the combination of the climate, as well as to the local soil composition.

By using top quality of giant beans from Prespes area, as well as other qualitative ingredients as peeled tomatoes, dill and parsley we are creating a delicious food according to the local traditional recipe.

The product is canned in an “easy open” can for ease of use and best preservation of its nutritional value.

Ingredients: Giant beans, peeled tomatoes, dill, parsley, pepper, onions, sogia oil, spices

Sterilized product, ready to be served. WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES

Serving portion: 142 gr.

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