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The grocery stores apperared at the beginning of the previous century. People gathered there every day because there were no refrigerators, not even ice, so what was bought had to be consumed on the same day. Which makes the incredible variety that follows even more impressive. The work practice in the old grocery stores had nothing to do with the current practice in supermarkets or mini markets or even the modern "groceries". There were no standard or pre-packaged products. Everything was in bulk, except for some mainly canned vegetable products (boxes were called them then), e.g. various compotes, tomato paste, okra or raw peas, in the box with water and salt, the sardines in the box, etc. The legumes were in bags (sacks), the oil in large cylindrical tanks with a cannula (the customer brought the bottle from his house), the sugar or the rice in bags and so on. Many grocers even took these bags out of their store and spread them on the sidewalk to attract customers. With the scoop they took the appropriate amount of the product from the sack, put it in the paper bag and the one in the scales, which worked with weights (weights was the official name) in various multiples or sub-multiples of the oka (the expression "with the scoop" survives for something that exists or is offered in abundance). Since at that time few houses had a telephone, and in case the customer did not want or could not go to the store himself to shop, the grocer would send the child to his house, to get the written order of the day. The youngsters usually carried the zeppelin on foot, but some of them used bicycles.

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Established in 2013, Hellenic Grocery is the UK’s leading Greek & Cypriot food products online retailer and wholesaler offering a large variety of carefully selected products and fine Greek foods from Greece and Cyprus throughout the UK. Initially, the idea started with transporting products from Greece for the needs of our restaurants. We cached then the idea to bring Greek products for all these people who adore Greek cuisine and especially for the Greeks that feel homesick and want some specific Greek flavours. After the first steps and agreements we made with some factories, we now can cater for all of you the best products through the online grocery store, with the next day of delivery throughout England, reaching as far as Wales, Scotland and Ireland.Little by little, we saw that our personal need for quality and economical products from Greece was met by many other Greeks and non-Greeks, who maintained restaurants. Many times we had messages asking if it was possible to deliver Greek products to distant parts of England. Gradually, some elements of the surrounding area began to approach for cooperation. This is how our journey in the field of trade started, now reaching the four trucks with daily itineraries.

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