10 Curious Pizza Facts you (probably) Didn’t know

Here’s a simple question: “If you had to choose between pizza and being skinny, which toppings would you get on your pizza?” While you’re musing upon this question, let’s see some of the most interesting facts about pizza. Keep reading!
  1. Where do you think the first pieces of information about pizza come from? Ancient Greeks and Romans, of course. How could it be otherwise!? Back then those nations used to eat the round bread over which they put various herbs and spices.
  2. In the past people used to call this oven-baked round bread “picea”, which actually comes from Latin. As a matter of fact, it means the blackening of crust by fire. Do you get it now?
  3. Of course, pizza is the most popular Italian dish today. It’s actually their national food, something like a symbol. However, we bet you don’t know the Italian parliament carries out a law for the “traditional Italian pizza”. Well, it’s all about the cooking method and the right ingredients.
  4. What’s more, Italian people want the EU countries to protect some national pizzas like “Margherita” and “Marinara”.
  5. Speaking of the well-known pizzas, where do you think “Margherita” comes from? This all-time favorite food carries the name of the Sicilian queen Margherita of Savoy. pizza Margherita
  6. Do you know that the longest pizza in the world has the astounding 240 m in length?
  7. Hey, let’s not forget that just like sausages and other stuff pizza should also have a personal holiday, right? Well, congrats! October is officially the National Pizza month, while 9th of February is the National Pizza day.
  8. If you think you’ve paid a lot for your pizza last night, you better think twice! The most expensive pizza is said to be 2,745$. How about that?! It consists of a Scottish smoked salmon, caviar, venison medallions, edible gold, lobsters marinated in the best cognac as well as champagne.
  9. You know those people who make pizza so fast that you can barely see their hands, right? Well, the fastest of them all is known to make 14 pizzas for 2 minutes and 35 seconds. This should be a World Record!
  10. American researches prove that every year over 7 billion documents have some pizza stains on them. After all, who doesn’t love to eat pizza at work!? pizza at work
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