10 Facts about Herbs & Spices you (probably) Didn’t Know

“Everybody’s gotta learn, nobody’s born knowing.” Just like with any other thing, the same goes for herbs and spices. These gifts from nature tend to give flavor, taste and uniqueness to the meals. And people who want to cook delicious food for their close ones, should know some of the most interesting stories behind the herbs they’re using. Check out 10 facts about herbs and spices, which you might have not heard before! Keep reading.
  1. Do you know which products are amongst the best vitamin C sources? Well, the list might be long but today we are telling you that paprika powder is definitely in the queue. It’s said that red paprika has more vitamin C doses compared to lemons.
  2. If you are a true cook, you must know which herb is the most expensive one in the world! It’s saffron, of course. It was ancient Greeks and Romans who used it as perfume. It turns out they were pretty wealthy, huh!
  3. Let’s check some of your saffron knowledge here. How much of the herb is considered deadly? Read until the end to find out!
  4. OK, more about saffron! There’s a claim that people would need about 20 hours of work in order to get just about 450g of the herb. Let’s appreciate these guys, what do you think!? saffron harvesting
  5. By the way, you might also be on the opinion that vanilla is actually one of the most interesting kitchen products. Plus, it’s said that it’s the second most expensive spice after…well, you know what!
  6. Ever heard that turmeric can be quite healthy? People say that the spice is so powerful that it can be the perfect medicine against Alzheimer symptoms.
  7. Each herb has its own characteristics. For example, peppermint is known to soothe the stomach, make your breath fresher and increase the metabolism. Hey, learn more about its amazing properties in this article!
  8. An interesting thing to know is that the way we perceive each herb’s aroma is, in fact, genetic.
  9. Back in history, the Romans used to sow basil only after they put a spell for a fertile soil.
  10. Wasabi is a very hot spice, you must know this! However, did you know it turns so sharp after people squish it? Indeed, it does! wasabi
We are missing something here! Did you pay attention? In case you did, here’s the long-awaited answer. Researches show that more than 10g of saffron used at once can lead to fatal consequences. So, make sure to take it moderately! Don’t forget to browse our Herbs & Spices by category on our e-store as you click here! In the meantime, read more intriguing stories about food and drinks on our blog: 3 Helpful Tips for Preparing The Best Mussels “The Pink Stuff” Rosé: 4 Things that Make It So Attractive Herbs’ Secret: 5 Tips about Herbs and Cooking


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