2 Frightfully Delicious Christmas Beer Recipes

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…” No, no, no! Food isn’t going to be this frightful in today’s article. On the contrary, we want to assure you that the moment you read those, you’ll hop in the kitchen and start cooking.

OK, everybody knows what the Christmas table should look like, right? If you still wonder about it, maybe this will give you a hint. Anyways, aside from the traditional holiday stuff, who would have thought to use beer in Christmas cooking?! Are you an enthusiast? Let’s see!

  1. Christmas roast chicken

This recipe takes about 100 minutes in total with 20 minutes of preparation and 80 minutes of cooking. However, it’s definitely worth the effort!


1x chicken

200g bacon

150g mushrooms

100g processed cheese

5-6x pickles

200ml beer


½ tsp black pepper

1tsp red pepper powder

1tbsp butter

Christmas chicken

The first step is to get the chicken ready. We wouldn’t suggest you wash it, but it’s always your choice. Why? Read this article and learn about the negative effects of putting meat under water! So, season it with salt and black pepper and set aside.

In the meantime, chop the bacon, mushrooms, the cheese and the pickles. Mix them in a big bowl and use them to fill the chicken.

Now that it’s all filled up, be sure to grease it with butter and sprinkle black and red pepper all over it. Place inside a pottery and pour that beer inside the earthenware.

Bake at 220 C° for about 20 minutes and one more hour at 160 C°. Serve while hot.

Note: Do not preheat the oven if you are using such cookware!

2. Christmas fillet

The chicken fillet recipe requires much more time to cook. We’re talking about days here! Don’t be quick to give up, though, as the results are just fantastic!


1kg veal, fillet

Clove, black pepper, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg

1tsp honey

1tsp sugar

200ml ale beer

1tsp salt

Christmas fillet

First things first! Combine all herbs and season with honey, cinnamon, salt and sugar. Use this mixture to rub the meat at all sides. The tricky part here is that you need to do this procedure twice a day for 3 consecutive days. The taste turns out to be amazing!

After it “matures”, bind a thick cotton thread around the veal so it keeps its shape. Then place inside a stew pan and cover with beer and water (if needed). Cook at low heat for 4-5 hours.

When it’s ready, you should leave the meat to cool as you place it between two plates. Make sure to put something heavy on the top one.

On the very next day, the meal is ready to serve and eat. Enjoy!

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