2 Mouth-Watering Coffee Desserts you Must Try

Do you know how to make everyone happy? To be honest, this sounds like an almost impossible thing to achieve… There’s a chance, though. We suggest you try making these fabulous coffee desserts that are definitely ‘a must’!
  1. Coffee butter biscuits
There’s nothing complicated here. The single thing that can get on your nerves is the final forming. The smaller the biscuits, the more likely they’re gonna look like the real coffee beans. So, here’s how it goes: Products: 100g butter 100g powdered sugar 5g coffee 1tbsp vanilla extract 1 yolk 20g cocoa powder 160g flour Salt coffee biscuits Beat the butter and the sugar until creamy. Add the yolk, coffee, vanilla and mix everything. In the end add the cocoa powder and the flour and form soft dough. Form little ‘coffee beans’ from the dough. Use a toothpick to get the little crack the beans tend to have. Place on a baking paper and bake at 170C° for 12-14 min. ** These products should be enough for around 35-50 biscuits.
  1. Coffee brownie
Oh, we bet you’re gonna love this one! It’ll take you no more than 40-45 minutes and the results will definitely surprise the family. Products: 1 ½ cup of flour 2x eggs 1 cup of sugar 500ml milk 50g butter 170ml coffee 1tsp baking powder 5tbsp cocoa powder 1tsp vanilla coffee brownie Beat the butter with the sugar and then gradually add the eggs while the mixer is working. Nothing new, right?! It’s time for the milk and the coffee. In another bowl mix the dry products – flour, vanilla, cocoa, baking powder. After that add these to the egg mixture. Beat until homogenous. Pour into a cake pan as you place a baking paper on the bottom. Then bake in preheated oven at 180C°. Use a toothpick to check if it’s ready. Don’t rush to cut the brownie, though! Make sure it’s cool enough and then you can sprinkle some powdered sugar on top and cut it into slices. What’s your favorite coffee dessert? Share it with us in the comment section so we can try it out! If you want to read more interesting recipes, check out our blog as you click here!


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