3 Helpful Tips for Preparing The Best Mussels

Riddle time! It’s cheap, quick to prepare and impressive enough to leave all your guests speechless. What is it? OK, we’ll give you a hint. It’s food. Oh, of course it’s food! Now, if you’re thinking of mussels, you just hit the bull’s eye! No matter whether you’re at home or at the seaside, mussels are always a quick and easy choice. Plus, not only are they tasty, but they are also said to have plenty of health benefits. Check out this article to learn more about their amazing properties. So, although cooking mussels is quite an easy job, there are some tricks you could use to turn them into the star on the table. Keep reading!
  1. Clean and debeard
Most of the times the mussels you are about to cook come from a farm. Unless you prefer picking them from the beach yourself! Anyway, if they’re coming from a farm, this means they’re all cleaned up in advance. However, this doesn’t mean you should just skip this part and start cooking them right away. What you can do is spill them into the sink, wash them with cold water and rinse their shells with a knife. Don’t forget to look for their typical moustache and debeard them, if present. debearding mussels
  1. Use the right cookware
Of course, what you’re going to put the food in depends on how much mussels you want to prepare. The more mussels, the bigger the cookware. However, there’s something very important you should know here! Be sure that the mussels don’t go to the very top of your pot. Why? Well, if you overfill it, those mollusks that are on the bottom will most likely get all burnt up. On the other hand, the upper layers will stay uncooked for a long time. So, to avoid such a situation, we would suggest you use the right cookware.
  1. Spice it up
Both metaphorically and literally – spice this food up! Cooking mussels (or anything else) should be fun, right? Because, after all, that’s food that brings the feeling you’re at the sea. Breeze is blowing in your hair and…well, you can continue! So, to make the meal even more fantastic than it is, you might wanna add some onions, a garlic clove or some extra virgin olive oil. Yummy! You don’t think that’s all advice we’ve got for you, do you?! Expect Part 2 on how to prepare the best mussels very soon! In the meantime, browse our food section by choosing your favorite category. Click here to shop!


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