3 Mistakes People Make when Cooking Chicken – Part 2

“Which came first: the chicken or the egg?” This causality dilemma was and still is very much questioned, by the way. We bet there’s hardly anyone who have never wondered which of these is the cause and which one is the effect. Well, we’ve got somethin’ for you today! Scientists concluded that it was the chicken that came first. According to them “the protein which makes egg shells is only produced by hens”. OK, we wouldn’t argue about that! Now, let’s get to the essence of today’s class, shall we? Here’s 3 mistakes people make when cooking chicken:
  1. Skip the pan-frying process
No matter if you have a whole chicken or just breasts, we suggest you use your time effectively to pan-fry the meat first. Do you want to make it even more professional? Then add a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil and butter, 2-3 rosemary springs or thyme over the pan and place the meat with its skin facing downwards. Wait until it turns golden. After that you can continue by cooking the chicken in the oven at high temperatures. pan frying chicken breasts
  1. Wrong boiling procedure
To be honest, chicken breasts are quite faddy when it comes to boiling. By choosing this way to cook you could easily screw things up. Don’t be at a low ebb, though! We can fix this by making a sauce. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Either you choose mayo, some yoghurt or sour cream, this might put an end to the problem. Also, a good option is for you to tear the meat into pieces and add it to a salad. When there’s will, there’s a way!
  1. Undercook the meat
Chicken is one of the few types of meat, which doesn’t actually have a ‘doneness’ level. While with veal we can choose between rare, medium, medium rare, medium well and well done, here the picture isn’t quite the same. If you remember from our previous article, washing the chicken is a predisposition of bacteria overgrowth. So, this dangerous bacterium is said to die at 75 C°, which means the optimal inner temperature of the meat should be no less than this. That’s why chicken shouldn’t be red in the inside. If it is, you must know that you undercooked it and the bacteria is probably still alive. chicken doneness level Do you wanna know more about how cooking chicken can turn from a challenge into a hobby? Follow our Blog as we are about to reveal more interesting stuff in the future! Meanwhile, browse our Food section by categories as you click here! 5 Things to Expect when you Quit Meat 5 Things you Need for the Perfect Chickpea Brownie 2 Easy Greek Recipes with Allspice you can Do at Home


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