3 Myths about Bread that Will Give you a New Perspective

Is it true that whole wheat bread is healthier than the white version? Do we need to believe all bread superstitions and follow things like “don’t combine bread with meat”? Should we be afraid of gluten? Basically, in one way or the other we have answers to all these questions throughout our blog. For example, you may be interested to read our post discussing the differences between white and whole-wheat flour. Be sure to check it out right after you read the next lines! So, just like with many other things (especially when it comes to food) there are lots of myths about bread. Here are 3 misconceptions that will give you a new perspective about eating bread:
  • “I think that bread makes me sate faster and keeps me this way for a long time. That’s why I don’t give up on it.”
What’s the truth behind this? If you happen to weigh more than you think is normal and you really want to do something about it, you might need to slow down. One of the things that may help you is reducing the amount of bread you take. Let’s not forget that it’s a caloric product, after all. Of course, this applies only for people who are way above the normal weight and really need to find a solution to their problem. This means that for all the rest it’s OK to have some bread from time to time, but always in moderate proportions. “Moderation is the secret of survival”, a great astrologer once said.
  • “I should eat gluten-free bread, because it’s healthier.”
Is gluten really that bad? So, gluten-free bread usually consists of rice or corn flour. As you probably know, corn tortillas are a traditional food for many nations around the world. Yes, they are pretty delicious! But in terms of healthiness, thought, they are not much different from the normal white or whole-wheat breads that we know. The only thing is that they do not contain gluten. gluten free bread Alright, but let’s think about it! Gluten is a protein that may, indeed, cause some troubles. Today you will often find lots of ‘internet experts’ who talk about celiac disease, toxic gluten and “leaky gut”. Maybe all of these people would recommend going on a strict gluten-free diet. However, what they might not know is that it’s not necessarily for everyone! This is why you should better consult with a specialist, if you are suspecting that something is going on in your body. In case of no diagnose, you can eat your white or whatever kind of bread you like! Wanna know more about gluten? Read this article and you will definitely get the whole picture! (questions about gluten)
  • “I know that one shouldn’t eat bread with meat, because such combinations make digestion suffer.”
Well… Of course, there is such a thing as ‘split nutrition’. In fact, many people today tend to follow such an eating lifestyle, but again, it is not necessary for everybody. So, what specialists say is that the combination of meat and wheat products like bread wouldn’t do much harm to the digestive tract. In general, it’s the enzymes of the pancreas that do all the work (digestion). This way they all work together for the bread processing (amylase) and meat processing (trypsin and lipase) without interfering with each other’s functions. Does is seem a bit clearer now? For sure! By the way, we have an amazing offer for a traditional Greek combination of bread and meat that will make you forget about all kinds of prejudice! Check it out here! How did you like today’s post? Be sure to follow our Blog for more interesting topics like these: Beetroot - 4 Curious Facts about this Winter Vegetable 4 Ideas on How to eat Peanut Butter & Enjoy it 5 Types of Flour and their Uses in the Kitchen


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