3 Things about Fresh Pasta that you Would Love to Know

“Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.”, or as the Italian actress Sophia Loren would say herself in Italian: “Tutto ciò che vedete lo devo agli spaghetti.” This quote definitely gives us some food for thought, doesn’t it? It turns out that the Mediterranean nations deeply appreciate what they eat.

Pasta, pasta, pasta! It’s always a classic when it comes to tasty food, good company and…probably some wine. For sure, people cook or eat thousands of pasta version each minute all across the globe. We bet there’s someone getting a big, juicy bite of pizza right now! Is that you?

OK, let’s talk about fresh pasta for a moment. It’s very special and we can’t help but go through at least 3 things that might get your interest. Keep reading!

  1. The technique

Well, the truth is, all you need to make a good fresh pasta dough is big muscles and plenty of love for food. You’ve got them both, don’t you?! Just make sure to have a worktop, a rolling pin and a sharp knife. That’s all the equipment it takes. Of course, you can always stick to the basic pasta machines, but is it really that difficult to make it with your own hands? Find out yourself and tell us in the comments.

pasta machine

2. Flour

Although there are hundreds of flour types on the market, you should probably choose a specific one to make fresh pasta. Usually, it requires flour type ‘00’. The number shows that it’s very finely milled, which is great for this recipe. What’s more, you might need to look at the protein percentage. Everything that’s between 10 and 12% is super! So, let loose and make that pasta dough!

3. Eggs

These are not just a simple addition to the whole mixture. Eggs are there for a reason! They tend to give the dough what it needs in order to get smooth and all “shiny”. Plus, be sure to look for the correct ratio egg white:yolk. The rule here is simple. The more yolk, the richer the pasta; the more white – the more elastic the dough.

homemade pasta

Of course, if all this seems to not-be-your-thing, you can always rely on our pasta products as you click here! Enjoy!


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