3 Tips for Choosing Good Honey

Honey is truly one of the sweetest foods God has gifted us with, so we should give it some credit, don’t you think? Just one teaspoon of this mouthwatering product can provide our body with energy and strength. So, here’s 4 basic rules (or tips) you can follow when buying honey:
  1. Appearance
Of course, each type of honey has a different color and structure. What applies for all (except for the acacia one), though, is that real honey will crystallize sooner or later. Don’t worry, that’s a natural process! While it’s still being gathered by the bees, it’s diluted, but with time it hardens.
  1. Packaging
Here’s the thing – it’s not recommended that you buy honey, which is in metal box because of the acid content. You’ll most often find real raw honey in glass, pottery, ceramic and wood. Maybe it would be best for you to buy honey that’s in a dark glass jar. REMEMBER: Don’t buy honey, which is in zinc- or copperware as there will be a chemical reaction between them and the risk of poisonous salts is high! honey types
  1. Origin
As you may already know, the origin of a product (no matter which one) is very important. It’s good if you are aware of what region does your preferred honey come from. Hence, a nice suggestion is to strive for ecologically clean areas, where there are no polluting industries and settlements. Last, but not least – look for regions that aren’t popular for their agriculture and treatment of the soil with pesticides, ok? Of course, there are other things to look when choosing honey, but as you can’t always be 100% precise, the least you could do is buy the one, which matches your personal taste! Do you enjoy reading about honey? Let us know in the comments and we will think of other interesting things to write about! In the meantime, browse our other posts that might also grab your attention: 5 Irreplaceable Products from the Greek Cuisine 3 Signs of Olive Oil with High Quality Green vs. Black olives – 3 Common Differences


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