4 Astonishing Uses of Coca-Cola that you Can Do at Home!

If you put every drop of Coca Cola ever produced into 8-ounce bottles and place them all next to each other, they could reach the moon and get back over 2,000 times. Did you know that? You can’t disagree about that beverage being the most desired fizzy drink on the planet! Yeah, that’s actually a fact. The drink is so popular that it’s the most widely used American product on Earth. But just because it’s famous, it doesn’t mean we know everything about it. Are you aware that Cola is not just for drinking? Indeed, it has many other uses. Let’s see which 4 alternative ways to use the beverage would grab your attention. Keep reading!
  1. Eliminates rust
OK, that’s the most popular one, right? Even if you’ve not tried it yet, you must have heard of that characteristic at least once. Cola is an ‘enemy’ to everything that can rust. In case you’re new to this, here’s how to do it: soak whatever is rusty in Coca Cola for one night and voilà! Cleaning rust-eaten objects has never been easier! Coca cola against rust
  1. Cleans clothes
Yes, that’s right! The drink is one of the cheapest ways, with which you can remove the annoying spots on the clothes. Use 1 cup of Coke over that stain and soak it for a while. Then wash as usual. The beverage is great against grease spots and blood stains. Bonus: it also gives out a sweet perfume!
  1. Soothes painful bites
Having a severe pain after a wasp or jellyfish sting, or a mosquito bite, for example? You definitely have to try using some Cola. Pour out some over the affected area and you’ll feel the results in no time. Coca cola against bites
  1. Clears the windows
If you don’t know much about the drink’s ingredients, here’s a thing – one of them is citric acid. Do you know how it works? Well, it may help you out with the window cleaning, for example. After you do this, though, we suggest you wash them twice with a wet clout to get rid of the sugar leftovers. Did you like these alternative uses of Coca Cola? Well, there’s more! Expect some extra info in the following blog posts. In the meantime, read our Blog section and learn more about foods and drinks! 5 Alternative Uses of Coffee you Can Try at Home 4 Tips for Cooking with Wine 3 Health Benefits of Feta Cheese you should know!


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