4 Less Common Types of Vegetarianism and Curious Facts about Them

Abstaining from meat consumption is probably the most popular type of “diet” today. Many people choose to quit eating animal flesh because of numerous reasons. Some think it’s a matter of inner philosophy, others do it for better health. Well, we cannot say what is good and what is bad! After all, what is good for one might be quite bad for another. So, here’s some useful and curious information about vegetarianism and its less common derivatives:
  1. Veganism
OK, you probably know this one! It means no meat, but also no other animal products like eggs, milk, cheese, honey, etc. Isn’t this quite drastic?! Well, actually lots of vegans say that their “only regret about going vegan is not doing it sooner”. This should be giving us some hope that veganism isn’t that bad, huh! By the way, if you’re curious when did this practice begin, well, it’s back in 1944. If you want to learn more, check out this article.
  1. Pescetarianism
If you can speak Italian or at least have some basic knowledge, then this term probably rings a bell now. The Italian word pesce means fish, so it’s basically a combination between “fish” and “vegetarian”. So, you can already guess that vegetarians who eat meat are actually pescetarians. In fact, the term is said to have first appeared in 1993, which is quite soon, huh! types of vegetarians
  1. Ovo vegetarianism
That form of vegetarianism is actually super uncommon and most people we ask don’t even know what is it about. OK, it’s simple, guys. You know these people who are capable of quitting dairy products but can’t live without eggs, right? Well, these are the so called ovo vegetarians. They can afford eating some eggs from time to time, but they are definitely against dairy consumption. Lacto vegetarians, on the other hand, are doing quite the opposite!
  1. Frutarianism
That’s an easy one! Frutarians are popular as people who eat only fruits, nuts and seeds. Okay, they also consume some plant-based products, but only if they’re harvested without damaging the tree or the plant itself. You might be thinking that’s totally crazy but for some that’s their normal way of living. frutarianism Lastly, we would say that choosing what to eat and what to quit depends only on you and yourself. What other people say about your choices matters just as much as you allow it! However, whatever nutrition you want to follow, we suggest you always consult with a specialist before doing it. Enjoy our variety of foods for all your preferences by clicking on your favourite category! Click here to shop!


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