4 Reasons Why Rosé should be Your Most Favourite Summer Drink

There’s hardly any time when rosé wouldn’t be a good idea, isn’t there?! What’s more, it is perfect not only for the summer (and the weekend brunches), but also during the whole year. Let’s say it shorty – it’s rosé’s time now and forever! And if you are still not so sure you agree with this, here’s 4 wonderful reasons why you should change your mind:
  1. Ideal for brunch.
Hey, having mentioned brunches, we can’t help but say how good rosé can be for the late breakfast meal. Probably the best news is that this drink might be perfect when combined with eggs for brunch. Not only does it taste super, but it just stands out! However, in order for you to not get drunk before noon, we would suggest that you go for a low alcoholic, sweet rosé drink. rose wine
  1. You can have a sip at this very minute!
Yeah, literally. Rosé doesn’t need to mature like most of its fellow friends white and red wine do! In general, wineries tend to sell the drink ready for consumption so you can take advantage of this and enjoy a great summer night without having to wait for anything. Of course, you can still leave a bottle or two to mature on your shelf, but who does have such patience, after all?
  1. It is super tasty when used in the kitchen.
What do we mean? You already know how to cook with beer, right? If not, be sure to check our article about it! Anyways, it’s the same with rosé. It has a great taste itself, but when combined with food…well, you have to try this! It’s also a good addition to some cocktails in case you are too hot to cook. Here’s some inspirational ideas on the way! Add some rosé to the vinaigrettes for your salad instead of using lemon. You can simply make a mixture out of extra virgin olive oil and rosé. It’s as simple as that! rose with food
  1. It suits well anything!
Speaking of great combinations, we would hardly make a mistake here. Basically, rosé wine is a mixture of white wine’s structure and red wine’s flavours. This fact, of course, turns it into a heavenly good company to almost any kind of meal. It goes perfectly nice with salads, pizza or even grilled meat. If you go out to dinner with friends and you all have different meals, just make sure to order a bottle of rosé. This way everybody’s going to leave the restaurant with satisfaction! Don’t forget to browse our Wine category to find our best drinks! Become an Expert: 7 Ways to Spot the Good Wine Quick Guide on How to Combine Food with the Best Choice of Drink Metaxa: a Quick Guide on How to Exceed the Greek Experts


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