4 Reasons to Stay Fit: The Peanut Butter-Fitness Relationship

With today’s ‘modern ways’ of gaining muscles like protein bars, shakes and various powder-like substances and whoever-knows-what else, we somehow forget about the real protein sources. Things like bananas, dark chocolate and peanut butter can take the lead at the list of healthiest foods that can keep you in shape. As a matter of fact, according to many fitness gurus, dieticians and other food experts, namely these three can be some of the best sport products that you may choose!

Without further ado, let’s check 4 reasons to stay fit with peanut butter and what exactly is its relationship with workouts!

  1. Keeps you sate

One of the most important things when trying to maintain a good body shape is to not starve. Lots of people actually go that far with ‘not eating’ that it actually has the opposite effects of keeping you fit. Namely because you will never win the war against hunger, the best strategy here is to go for products that can keep you sate. One of them is, of course, peanut butter.

Super tasty, affordable and easy to find, peanut butter can be your best friend in your fitness experience. It’s known for its amazing health benefits, but also for the high protein content. Alright, many tend to avoid it because it’s actually rich in calories as well. However, when consumed daily but in limited amounts, peanut butter may improve your general health and your fitness tone. That’s because the spread is full of proteins and fibers that can make you feel sate for a long time.

  1. Saves you money

There are two types of ‘Stay Fit’ maniacs! We all have at least one friend who counts all the calories and worries about each extra calorie that’s been taken! There’s also the other type - people who actually need 3000+ calories a day in order for them to get the body they want. Well, those people (for sure!) spend a lot of money on things like protein bars and various types of supplements. However, a single jar of peanut butter is able to spare a whole fortune, if you think about it!

  1. Gives you enough proteins

Alright, we can’t deny the fact that probably proteins are the best thing that the butter has! As you already know, because of this peanut butter can help your muscles recover after an exhausting workout. It’s said that only 30g of butter (which equals to about 2 teaspoons) contain 7g protein. For comparison, other nut butters are thought to have about twice less than that!

  1. You get the most out of peanuts

Can you imagine eating lots and lots of peanuts at a time?! You may be able to do so, but, believe me, the results won’t be that good. (Because peanuts are actually legumes, if you get what I mean!) Good news is that a single spoon of peanut butter contains much more peanuts than you think. And this means that you get the most out of the nuts!

In general, peanuts are full of phosphorus (gives energy), zinc (boosts the metabolism) and magnesium (controls more than 300 chemical processes within the entire body). So, with all these amazing benefits, we would definitely say that peanut butter can be a super-food for a super-body!

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