4 things about Gluten that are Already a Myth – Part 2

Do you remember which the most famous gluten myths from our previous article are? Check them out here if the answer is “no”. Anyways, what is gluten after all? It’s a family of proteins found in several types of grain like wheat, barley, oats and rye. In the recent years gluten has become a public enemy, but we really can’t understand why that is. Let’s see 4 more gluten myths which prove it isn’t as dangerous as we think:
  1. “If you stop gluten, you’ll have a healthy stomach.”
Well, there’s no evidence that quitting gluten will improve your gastrointestinal functions. However, its consumption will most probably NOT get you sick, so we can’t see of a reason for you to stop taking gluten with food. Of course, if you suffer from celiac disease (an autoimmune illness that has to do with gluten) or any form of gluten sensitivity you might wanna consider taking care of your health.
  1. “Gluten-free food is much healthier.”
We’re not quite sure whether gluten-free products are healthier than the others, but we know one thing for sure. Gluten-free food is much more expensive in comparison to conventional products. Some researchers say that if you don’t have celiac disease and still quit gluten, you’re most likely be on a less healthy diet as a whole. That’s because lots of gluten-free breads, pasta and others tend to have more sugar, salt, calories and saturated fats than the normal ones.
  1. “If you stop gluten, you’ll have a lot of energy.”
Yes, some people claim they feel much more energized when they don’t consume gluten products. However, that’s probably not due to the lack of gluten itself rather than the higher consumption of fruits and vegetables. The explanation is simple. When people stick to a gluten-free diet, they try to radically change their menu. That’s how they learn to eat more fruits, veggies and other stuff.
  1. “Gluten-free diet is low-carb.”
It’s true that if you stop eating paste products you’ll reduce the amount of carbohydrates that go into your body. Have you given a thought, though, that potatoes, corn, bananas, beans, lentils and lots of other foods don’t contain gluten but are still rich in carbs? What we have to stress out here is that healthy foods with higher carbohydrate content are not scary at all. What’s more, the Japanese tend to consume lots of carbs and are still some of the healthiest people on Earth. So, after all this said, do you still think gluten is something you should avoid at all times? Drop us a comment below! Meanwhile, read more on our Blog: 10 Curious Pizza Facts you (probably) Didn’t know 4 Amazing Beauty Masks that include…Chocolate! Alevropita – a Greek pie To Remember


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