5 Curious Bread Superstitions you Wouldn’t Expect

Some would say that “True love is like the bread. It needs the right ingredients, a little heat, and some magic to rise.” We would definitely agree on that! As a matter of fact, bread has always been a vital part of any culture and its traditions. There are thousands of bread superstitions and today we’ve gathered some of the most interesting ones for you. Keep reading!
  1. Never throw away bread!
According to people’s beliefs, throwing away stale bread is a sin. What’s more, it can also be a sign of bad luck and lack of prosperity. This superstition includes not throwing crumbs down on the floor. You should take them in your hand instead and give them to the birds outside.
  1. Don’t cut bread with a knife!
Yes, that’s right. Even in the Ancient world people used to think of bread as a gift of God. That’s why one shouldn’t cut it with a knife rather use his own hands to make it into pieces. bread superstitions
  1. If you choose to use a knife, always cut from one side!
However, if for any reason your bread is too hard and this requires you to use a knife, make sure to cut just from one side. This procedure is said to be important for your home’s blessing and wealth.
  1. Don’t place the bread upside down!
You know this one, right? It’s all about two main symbols here. Firstly, it can bring poverty, and secondly, this might be a sign of something fatal like death. What’s more, people advise not to place bread on the floor, because it may lead to bad situations.
  1. Don’t give your bread to the neighbors!
Sounds tempting, huh! Well, it applies only for the bread you’ve bought for yourself, though. The symbolics? If you do so, you might send the luck away from your home and give it to the neighbors instead. Well, it makes sense… Hey, expect more curious bread beliefs and superstitions in the following articles! Meanwhile, check out our Greek pitta bread that’s gonna make you long for more! Click here to shop!


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