5 Foods you Should Eat More During Autumn

“And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep and autumn was awakened.” Indeed, autumn is already here! As weather is becoming a bit grumpier, days are getting shorter and streets are starting to seem empty, we might need a little something to cheer us up. And what would do it better than food?! Today we’re suggesting you 5 healthy foods that will keep you energetic during the melancholic autumn days:
  1. Cranberries
These red fruits are so juicy and tasty, there’s no doubt about it! Plus, nutritionists claim they are super healthy especially now that it’s fall season. First of all, cranberries are popular as low calorie food. Secondly, they’re full of antioxidants. In fact, lots of people use them to treat gum issues, urinary tract infections and even some types of cancer.
  1. Pumpkin
“I can smell autumn dancing in the breeze. The sweet chill of pumpkin and crisp sunburnt leaves.” It’s true that fall has its own extraordinary way of being so amazing as it is, right!? Pumpkins are among the most typical types of fruits for the season. Fortunately, they are quite rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C and folic acid. Not to mention that pumpkin seeds are also full of zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and lots of other things we can only benefit from. pumpkin
  1. Garlic
Garlic is truly a wonder! It’s known as one of the best natural antibiotics, which makes it an amazing alternative “pill”. It’s actually said to be rich in allicin, a chemical that might effectively fight viruses, bacteria and fungus. When you eat garlic regularly, this can get your LDL-cholesterol levels into the normal range and protect you from various diseases.
  1. Cinnamon
Although we associate the spice mostly with winter (and even more particularly with Christmas), it’s also part of autumn’s menu. It’s actually one of the oldest spices known and it can be the ideal choice for a cheerful fall. People often use it to prevent or treat cough, diarrhea, flu and nausea. Plus, cinnamon’s aroma is able to make you feel calm and happy. You might be eager to learn more about the herb here! cinnamon
  1. Pepper
We’re talking about pepper in general here. Whether it’s red pepper powder or black pepper, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you have it in the kitchen cupboard as autumn definitely requires its usage. Not only does pepper give a tender taste to any meal, but it can also be quite healthy. Adding it to your menu might improve digestion, kill bacteria, treat bad cough and even help against cold. That’s probably because the spice is super rich in antioxidants! Hurray! Do you want to be in step with autumn? Then check out our Food store and choose your desirable products as you click here! 4 Ways to Prevent Yourself from Catching Virus Infections Apples’ Healthiest Parts: 10 Curious Facts about the Fruits 6 Reasons why You should Go for Oranges


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