5 “For” & “Against” Facts about Veganism – Part 2

“To be or not to be” a vegan? A strict vegan doesn’t eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy or honey. However, people are becoming more and more interested in this lifestyle these days. What’s more, being vegan is not only modern today, it’s also said to be super healthy. Is it really, though? Let’s find out!

People who are FOR veganism state it’s all about the following:

  1. According to 2009 American Dietetic Association research about this way of nutrition, vegans’ heart can actually benefit a lot. It’s said that veganism may reduce the risk of ischemic heart disease.
  2. Self-control. What else do we need?! According most people, it takes guts to quit meat and dairy and become a vegan. This means self-control, discipline and consciousness towards the food you take.

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On the contrary, here’s what those who are AGAINST think:

  1. Vegan diets are usually lacking proteins and not taking enough of them is also a minus. This one is especially for those of you, guys, who are trying to gain some weight. In this case you should either drink more vegan shakes or reconsider your diet.
  2. If you don’t know what vegan people eat, well, it’s because they don’t have a lot to eat! In any case, vegan’s menu can sometimes be difficult to make. It’s true that today there are thousands of possibilities and product varieties, but using no animal fat can be a challenge. So, if you want to stick to a vegan diet, then you should probably start by creating a well-prepared food plan.
  3. Of course, those who say that veganism isn’t good for the body are mostly doctors. Why do you think is that? We bet it’s because this kind of nutrition may seriously affect some medical conditions. For this very reason anyone who chooses to become vegan should consult with a specialist first. This applies especially for people with osteoporosis, diabetes and other severe illnesses.

So, taking the step to becoming vegan is quite an important decision. Before changing your life so dramatically, first think of your way of living, your principles, fitness goals and, of course, your health condition. It might all be worth the risk!


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