7 Interesting Facts About Cinnamon

We all know how delicious a milk rice pudding may taste, but is it a dessert at all, if we don’t put some cinnamon on top? The answer is “No!” as this wonderful spice gives so much to every dish – from sweets to savory meals – that we just can’t resist it! Cinnamon is very common nowadays but do we know exactly how it helps us? Let’s see 7 interesting facts about the exotic product!
  1. A single teaspoon of the “brown powder” is going to fill your body up with 1,4g of fibers, which are responsible for the normal functioning of the peristalsis.
  2. Cinnamon is also a great source of iron, calcium and manganese – minerals that are definitely necessary, huh?
  3. Have you tried putting some of the flavorful spice in your tea? If no, you better check its wonderful warm-up effect yourself next time you got the flu!
  4. What cinnamon is most famous for is its ability to reduce the blood sugar levels. For that reason a teaspoon of cinnamon a day might be enough for your health!
  5. Did you know that cinnamon is said to improve the brain activity? Even if you only take a smell at it, your brain zones (those responsible for attention and memory, to be exact!) start to work even better! Hurray!
  6. Because of its marvelous scent the spice is mostly used in aromatherapy as a relaxing and healing agent. A nice massage with cinnamon essential oil after a long day sounds good, don’t you think?!
  7. Honey and cinnamon – a combination long known from our grandmothers, right? The truth is, it isn’t a fiction at all! It’s rather a fact – studies show that cinnamon fights against a number of viruses, bacteria and parasitic fungi that cause all kinds of infections in the human body! health benefits of cinnamon
Whether you like it or not, you cannot deny the benefits this spice brings us! But reading about how effective cinnamon is for our health isn’t just enough! We have to take the next step and try using it more often! Hey, don't forget Christmas and cinnamon go together, so check out what we offer by getting here! All you Need to Know about the 4 Most Popular Types of Wine 5 Things that Make Mussels a Healthy Food 4 Healing Spices that You shouldn’t Miss


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