Craving for Coffee? See these 4 things that Might Be Causing it

“All you need is love and a cup of coffee.” Well, sometimes a ‘cup of coffee’ turns into two cups of coffee, or three, or four, or… If you’re also one of those pals who are craving for coffee all the time, this article is just for you! Let’s start with some science here! The human body is truly a spectacular mechanism, because it sends you signals when it feels the lack of specific elements. The dietician Shawn Wilkinson says the desire for specific foods usually is a sign of particular minerals’ deficiency. What’s more, the nutritionist also explains why your brain may be constantly telling you to drink more coffee. Here’s 4 deficiencies that might be causing you those coffee cravings:
  1. Phosphorus
Did you know that this chemical element’s shortage is actually the reason for anemia, low appetite and muscle weakness? Well, it also has to do with your desire for the ‘daily coffee dose’. So, in order to prevent this condition, consume more grains, chicken and eggs.
  1. Salt
Although it’s more common to use more salt than recommended, there’s also this situation when your body may be low on salt. This might cause liquid retention within the organism and result in headache, tiredness and irritation. If this sounds familiar, try using more salt and apple cider vinegar.
  1. Iron
Iron deficiency is said to have very much in common with coffee cravings. Hair loss, lack of energy and tachycardia – all these can be because of low iron levels. Our suggestion is to eat offal, broccoli and beetroot. In addition, you can start taking vitamin C as a food supplement to help your body absorb the iron more easily.
  1. Sulphur
That has something to do with decreased collagen and keratin production. When having such troubles, you might be vulnerable to infections and inflammations. In order to balance the sulphur levels within your blood, make sure to have enough eggs, avocado, onions, olives and almonds. Did you find this article useful? Share with us in the comments! 6 Benefits from Drinking Pomegranate Juice – Part 2 4 Reasons Why you Should Take a Spoonful of Olive Oil Every Day 2 Mouth-Watering Coffee Desserts you Must Try


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