DIY Time: 4 Homemade Herb-Infused Olive Oils you Can Try Today

High-quality olive oil tends to have a very intense olive-like tang itself. In fact, that’s what gives that pinch of extra uniqueness to any meal that you season with „the liquid gold”. However, this beloved product is said to have one of a kind property you can only benefit from. Olive oils usually absorb all other flavors and even make them stronger.

For this very reason we would suggest that you add a drop or two infused olive oil to your salad, pasta or other rather tasteless dish. You must have noticed one of those cute little bottles in the restaurants, right? They do contain some oil with a bunch of herbs inside. It’s much more fun when you prepare it with your own hands, though.

Without further ado, here’s 4 homemade herb-infused olive oils you can do right away:

  1. Basil flavor

Classics! That’s probably one of the most famous and beloved combinations ever. In fact, it’s ideal for tomato salads and pasta products. So, you should have a clean bottle handy, of course. Chop three or four garlic cloves and mix them with some dried basil. Then “drop” these to the bottom and pour high-quality EVOO inside. Store in a cool and dry place and after no more than ten days you’ll have a basil-infused olive oil that’s totally ready to use.

basil-infused olive oil

2. “Confectionery olive oil”

That’s how we decided to name this one today. It’s because this kind of recipe is specially made for desserts and all sweet temptations that require olive oil. Probably the best thing you can go for is cinnamon and lemon zest! Put these into your bottle of EVOO and after a week you will be able to use it in the kitchen.

cinnamon-infused olive oil

3. Rosemary infusion

Just like basil, rosemary tends to have such an exquisite flavor that it would be a shame not to use it for infusion. Take as much of the herb as you like, mix it with some smashed garlic cloves and 4-5 black pepper seeds. Now you’re ready to combine these with the olive oil you want in order to prepare the perfect seasoning. After 10 day you may strain the liquid because it might be too intense otherwise. With this you can prepare lamb, eggplants, baked potatoes or anything you wish for!

rosemary-infused olive oil

4. Piquant tang

To achieve the chilly notes we all love (but sometimes avoid), you have to use 2-3 red hot chili peppers. No more, no less! Again, take 3 garlic cloves and chop them together with the chili. Place them to the bottom of a glass bottle and pour extra virgin olive oil on top. After around two weeks you can start using it for beans, meat or pasta. Goes well with all of them!

hot olive oil

We would always advise you to choose extra virgin olive oil with high quality in order to have the best product in the end. All the rest is up to you! Whether it’s going to be fresh or dried herbs, it doesn’t really matter. Use your imagination and create!

Of course, don’t forget to enjoy the process in the meantime!

Have you tried herb-infused olive oils before? Which combination is your most favorite one? Drop us your comments down below and we will discuss!


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