Explore the Pasta World: 4 of Greek’s Most Delicious Doughy Foods

“Pasta is like duct tape. It fixes everything.” Who would refuse a big bowl of tasty pasta in the end of the day? No matter of it’s pizza or macaroni, you must already have your own favorite doughy food! And just like Italy, Greece can also ‘brag’ about one of the best pasta products. The traditional Mediterranean pasta varies from the well-known Kritharaki to some more uncommon types. Join us today and let’s explore the Greek pasta world together! So, here are 4 of the most delicious paste foods you can have from Greece:
  1. Makarounes
Of course you know these! Makarounes are basically the general macaroni that we all know and enjoy eating. They are a must-have especially on some specific islands in Aegean sea. For example, on the distant small island of Karpathos makarounes are usually the main hero in many dishes. People there tend to boil the macaroni with olive oil and serve them with cooked onions and garlic. On top, they like to crumble some Mizithra cheese for best experience. On the other hand, in Kos they are known as pasa makarounes and they resemble something like a typical lasagne.
  1. Kritharaki
Although you might be thinking “What a name!” from the very beginning of the article, Kritharaki is actually something that you probably know. These pasta products are more popular as Orzo. Ring a bell now? If not, read more about them in this article. Orzo tend to have a rice-like shape and they are perfect for the traditional Greek meal called giouvetsi. You definitely have to try it! Orzo
  1. Aftoudia
This one is even stranger, we know! Aftoudia is a type of pasta that comes from the Greek island Limnos/Lemnos. Literally, the word means “little ears” and this is what they actually look like. Plus, they go well with almost anything, especially if you are a fan of tasty sauces!
  1. Hilopites
Do you know the little pasta foods that have square forms and all children enjoy? If no, we have to tell you that most Greek kids actually happened to grow up with these. So, hilopites/hylopites are one of the most delicious types of traditional Greek pasta foods! They consist of eggs, milk, flour and salt. So few ingredients and such a rich taste! You can even have hilopites with just a little bit of heat treatment, a bunch of herbs and some cheese. No more, no less! Hilopites Wanna try hilopites and get what we’re talking about? Be sure to grab your package by clicking here! Of course, don’t forget to browse our Pasta category as there’s a lot more to choose from!


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