Get to Know the Orange World: 10 Facts about Oranges

Many people say that “orange is the happiest color” and there’s definitely a reason for this! They are bright and colorful, full of flavors and, last but not least, very healthy. Do you remember what some of their most common health properties are? Make sure to read this article if you happened to miss our ‘orange health talk’! Anyways, it turns out that we all adore eating those shiny fruits, but we don’t actually know much about them. So, here’s 10 facts about oranges that will throw a little more light into the topic:
  1. As for every product, each country has its own weird traditions when it comes to food servings. For example, it’s said that people from Switzerland tend to serve oranges together with sugar and cream. Does this sound like something you would try?
  2. Here’s something that you may find even stranger! A lot of Europeans actually prefer eating oranges using a fork and a knife instead of…well, being normal! Woops, are you one of those ‘weirdos’?
  3. Oh, you wouldn’t expect this one coming, for sure! There’s a belief that Jamaican housewives are used to cleaning their homes with an orange half. On the other hand, plumbers and technicians use the same thing to take oil off of their hands.
  4. Well, well, well! You probably won’t be surprised to learn that many people think of oranges as “Gods’ fruits”. You might even be one of them as well, right?! There’s a common understanding that oranges are the “golden apples” from mythology.
  5. Did you also know that these citrus fruits’ taste and flavors depend on different things? Of course they do! In fact, it’s all about the season, the region or the country. Sometimes even the very place of the orange tree itself can be a factor! citrus fruits
  6. However, when it comes to oranges’ peels, it turns out that the outer colors don’t have anything to do with maturity or juiciness. Interesting, huh!?
  7. You can experiment with this one and tell us about your experience. So, oranges are said to not sink when you drop them into water. Despite this, many of the sweetest sorts can actually get to the bottom quite fast. Where lies the truth, then? oranges in water
  8. Another interesting fact is that orange trees ‘die’ from lightnings and storms just as much as from pesticides and illnesses. It turns out there are different kinds of “killers”, right?
  9. Probably there’s a good reason why many people still think of the orange fruits as a symbol of love and compassion. Their bright colors and gentle aromas can’t make you think of anything else but love!
  10. If we get back in time, we will learn that oranges are not only for eating. There’s some information that in Antiquity people took orange juice as an antidote. There must have been lots of poison sources back then, huh!?
Today enjoying oranges is easier than ever! Plus, you can have the lovely fruits in all forms, without even knowing it. Check out our food store and shop by categories to find various products that contain orange fruits! Click here and surf!


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