Herbs’ Secret: 4 Tips about Herbs and Cooking – Part 2

“Mother Earth’s medicine chest is full of healing herbs of incomparable worth.” Do you remember last time when we talked about herbs and their important role in our lives? If you missed the article, make sure to check it out here! Today we go on with the topic as there are thousands of other wonderful plants that definitely deserve our attention. Keep reading!
  1. Mint
We don’t have to go too far here as mint is a type of herb that we all know very well. With its specific flavors and taste, mint is hardly going to be mistaken! It tends to have a very intense aroma, which fits perfectly to meals like bean soup, veal, lamb, dock with rice or any kind of stuffed vine leaves. What you need to know is that mint doesn’t really match with any of the other herbs. Of course, you can mix it with a little bit of parsley, but in general it is a “lone wolf”. mint for cooking
  1. Cow parsnip
There’s a famous saying that “whoever puts cow parsnip in their meal will be nine times stronger than they already are”. The truth is, though, that cow parsnip (or hogweed) has pretty much the same destiny as mint. It’s not that much used as a whole! However, this interesting herb tends to give an amazing flavor to most fish soups. Some combine it with mint when cooking bean stew, but it’s all a matter of choice.
  1. Celery
This is another example of a very intense, but quite unique plant that can give your dish a touch of delicacy. Celery goes hand in hand with mint for the bean stew as well as with hogweed for the fish soups. By the way, it also makes a great match with carrots! It’s not a very good friend with anything that has white cheese sauces, though. Last but not least, celery is thought to be super healthy as it boosts immunity and provides us with lots of essential oils. Probably that’s why it was Aphrodite’s most favorite thing to eat! celery meal
  1. Allspice
Most housewives are quite cautious when using allspice in the kitchen. There’s no reason for this, however! This interesting black-pepper-resembling herb is a nice complement to heavy wine meals with stringy meats. Due to its strong flavors, just 2-3 allspice ‘beans’ are enough for you to spice up to 4 portions. As we mentioned its similarity to black pepper, we should also say that these two actually go together pretty well. They simply complement each other’s tastes! So, it might be nice for you to use them in meals like highly seasoned stewed meat. Do you want to try some of the best herbs from Greece? Be sure to click here and find your perfect addition to your meals!


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