Lemons for Beauty - 4 Cool Things you can do in your House!

Did you know that lemons are not only a food source, but also a beauty product? The problem is that a lot of people don’t actually know how to use them at their maximum. So, in today’s article you are about to learn simple and cheap ways which you can definitely benefit from!
  • The usage of “aggressive” cleaning agents in the household, in combination with an unhealthy diet, definitely makes your nails suffer! Sounds familiar, right? A simple way to deal with dry, brittle and yellowed nails is to soak them 2-3 times a day in a homemade mixture of olive oil and lemon juice.
  • Did you know that a great way to refresh your hair is by combining 50ml of lemon juice with 200ml of water? All you have to do is rinse your hair with this liquid and show off in front of your friends!
  • Louis Armstrong used to say that “A woman’s lips must say “Come here and kiss me!”. If your lip gloss isn’t as good as you thought, you might be intrigued to apply some lemon juice directly on your lips (which is definitely worth it!). Otherwise, try the following recipe: put 1 tablespoon sugar in a cup with lemon juice and create a thick and ropy mixture. Then massage your lips with circular motions and get ready for sweet kisses!
  • You wanna get rid of the acne? Guess what we recommend! Although severe dermatological cases may not be cured with the magical fruit, it is great for milder ones. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, lemon juice has a very good effect when put on affected face zones. But - REMEMBER – you are strongly advised to do this procedure at night because using lemon on your skin before any sun exposure may leave some marks!
lemons for beauty If you’ve never used lemon in your home “Beauty Salon”, it’s about time for you to do so. Those easy recipes will not only make your skin, hair, nails and lips healthier, but they will also make them look more beautiful! It’s definitely worth trying! If you have other tips to share, don’t forget to tell us with a comment down below! Read more here: 6 reasons to use Chamomile more often! 5 Alternative Uses of Coffee you Can Try at Home 5 Health benefits of Oregano that you (probably) didn’t know!


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