What Makes Greek Tirosalata so Tasty? (Bonus: a Quick & Easy Serving Idea)

“A well-made salad must have certain uniformity; it should make perfect sense for those ingredients to share a bowl.” Do you agree with this clever thought? Of course, salads should be part of our everyday life as they are full of vitamins. What’s more, they can be very taste as well…Just like tirosalata! In case the word tirosalata doesn’t ring a bell, you might be more familiar with the term ‘chtipiti’. Or maybe not? Well, we have to tell you this is one type of appetizer that almost every Greek would serve at dinner. Basically, τυροσαλάτα is the name people from the Northern parts use. When it comes to South Greece, they tend to call is ‘tirokafteri’ or ‘kopanisti’. So many names that you already got confused, huh?! Don’t worry, it’s super simple once you get to know it. So, what makes Chtipiti so tasty, after all? Well, to be honest it all comes to just a couple of traditional Mediterranean products. Nothing else! There’s cheese, there’s yoghurt, there’s olive oil and there’s spices to flavour things up. Here’s the simplicity that I told you about! tirosalata appetizer You want some more details? You got it! People usually make tirosalata with feta cheese (around 500g), 4tbsp of Greek natural yoghurt, 2-3 cloves of garlic, 60 to 80ml of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, one spicy paprika and a pinch of oregano. First of all, they put the ingredients, except for the cheese, into a blender and mix them all together to form a homogenous paste. Then they add the crumbled cheese and blend once again. That’s all! The tasty salad is ready to chill in the fridge for at least two hours and after that it can please your guests. And don’t forget: “Everything is betta’ with a little feta!” Basically, tirokafteri is a typical summer dip/appetizer that goes well with bread greased with olive oil and tomatoes on top. Oh, and freezing cold Ouzo for sure! So, here’s a great way to serve tirosalata and surprise everyone with how simple and delicious a dip can be: As you already know, this specific kind of dip suits very well to any kind of dough products like bread, for example. However, we would suggest you try serving it with some flavourful garlic pita bread. First thing you’ve got to have at hand is a bunch of pita breads. Once you’ve got them, heat them a little over the hob, then take a couple of garlic cloves and gently rub them into the bread pieces. This way you will get an amazing flavour that everybody will be thanking you for! tirosalata with pita bread Then it comes the time for some butter. Spread some on top of each pita and let it melt by itself. Now your wonderful and super easy appetizer is ready to be served on the table. Be sure to complement it with some τυροσαλάτα for best experience! Get all your tirosalata, yoghurt, cheese, Ouzo or pita breads on our online shop by choosing each category. Click here to shop!


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