Meat in our Healthy Diet: 2 More Questions that People Ask – Part 3

In case you are interested in nutrition, you probably already know that there’s been a lot of controversy around meat. There are people who totally deny it and prefer to stick to plant-based diet, for example. These are known as vegetarians. However, there are also vegans who do not consume any kind of animal products like eggs, etc. On the other hand, there’s this part of the world that cannot live without a piece of meat in the plate. Well, that’s actually quite understandable, because as you know eating meat is an instinct”. Today we continue answering to some of the most common and important questions about meat, so be sure to stay until the end!
  1. How to choose the best meat?
In order for you to know that you choose the right meat, there are a few simple steps that you could follow. They go like this:
  • Read the labels – When shopping, whether it’s online or directly from the supermarket, it’s advisable for you to pay attention to the labels. What you need to look for here is meat that has less saturated fat. Good news is nowadays you can always find both pork and veal with low saturated fat content. What’s more, while cooking it, you additionally reduce the meat’s fats. Just for you to know, chicken and duck breasts (with no skin) usually contain the lowest amounts of fat. So, it’s probably a good idea to go for these ones in case you’re looking for a really healthy meat.
  • Check the percentages – Another way you can orientate is by looking at the percentages. Sometimes you won’t be able to find any specific information about the fats over the labels and you will probably be wondering what else to look for. It’s the percentages. They always show how much fat the meat has.
  • Be picky – By this we don’t mean that you should have thousands of claims when it comes to picking meat. It’s just that you should stick to some basic principles in order to choose the best product. For example, make sure to avoid fatty meat or types that are being fryed. It’s always a better idea to go for clean meat rather than something that you don’t know where it comes from.
  1. How to prepare it well?
Of course, you should not only have the right skills, but you should also know what the right steps are.
  • Get rid of the fats – Make sure that you throw all the visible fats from the meat. This also includes birds’ skin. However, when you are cooking, let’s say, a whole chicken, you can leave it with the skin in the oven. After that you might wanna get rid of the skin, though.
  • Use marinades – They tend to make the meat juicier, but also lean Plus, let’s not forget that a good marinade can give a wonderful taste to the meat when it’s missing its fats. meat
  • Cook with as less grease as you can – When choosing to cook without much fat, you choose a healthier menu. You can always try something on the grill or just put it into the oven. Of course, there are also other methods like steaming and boiling. It’s all in your hands!
  • Skim in advance – It’s a good idea to prepare soups, broths or other meals and boil the meat a day before. Then you can let it cool in the fridge. This way you can easily take the excess fats off as it usually goes to the top of the cookware.
  • Strain the grease – After you are ready with the cooking, be sure to strain the grease from the pot. Of course, you can then gently “clean” the meat using a piece of kitchen paper. This way you will get any extra oil
Now that you know how to choose and prepare the meat, you can always grab something you like by clicking here!


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