See 4 things that Pomegranate Does to your Body!

Pomegranate – this wonderful, exotic fruit is thought to be one of the healthiest things on Earth! How about some pomegranate nectar then? The sweet, ruby-red liquid has great effects on our body as it gives it: proteins, healthy fats, fibers, vitamin K, potassium, manganese, vitamin E, B6, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, copper…should we continue?! Here’s a list of 4 benefits of pomegranate juice that you can take advantage of:
  1. Anti-hypertonic
We’re not dealing with speculations here! Scientific researches show that the nectar from this fruit can reduce hypertonia. A meta-analysis from 2016 concludes that “the consumption of pomegranate nectar has permanent benefits to high blood pressure”.
  1. Heart-friendly
Did you know that people also call pomegranate nectar ‘the cardiovascular juice’? That’s because it might protect the heart from different diseases. Data from Clinical Nutrition proves that if you consume the liquid regularly, this may reduce bad cholesterol. It’s all up to you! pomegranate for a healthy heart
  1. Want some antioxidants?
Basically, any kind of fruit or vegetable has the potential to supply your body with antioxidants and other beneficial substances. However, we should appreciate each and every food source with all it can give us! The thing is that pomegranate juice has so many antioxidants that it may help with the fight against various diseases. Nice, isn’t it?!
  1. Acts against inflammations
Strange as it may be, the amazing crown-like fruits (and their juice) are popular for their powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This is even backed up by science! In 2013 scientists prove that pomegranate nectar has a significant anti-inflammatory activity. Hurray! In case you enjoy eating those tasty, colorful pomegranate seeds, next time you may try consuming them as a liquid. Browse our organic nectars made only from natural concentrated juice by clicking here! By the way, expect another interesting topic about pomegranate’s health benefits in the next posts! In the meantime, check out the rest of the blog: 6 Health Benefits of Sesame Tahini Broccoli - 8 Uncommon Facts you Might be Interested In 4 Reasons to Include Chicken in your Menu


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