Vitamin Deficiency: 4 Signs to Look for!

OK, we’re pretty sure you’re doing your best to lead a healthy lifestyle, but is it enough? Sadly, sometimes all our efforts are just not what we need. Today we tend to eat fast food (most of the times hastily!) and we forget about the vitamins and minerals. Here’s 4 signs of vitamin deficiency you should look for. Noticing even one of those might be a signal for you, so stay aware!
  1. Hair loss and acne
We know these symptoms are very common nowadays. Yes, there may be lots of reasons for their appearance, but most of the times it’s all about the vitamin deficiency. Your body most likely needs biotin (vitamin B7), so don’t rob it of foods like eggs, mushrooms, avocado, nuts and bananas.
  1. Limb stiffness
This condition is actually very unpleasant as it limits us a lot, right?! As a matter of fact, that’s quite serious and that’s how we should approach the situation. Make sure you’re not lacking vitamin B6, B9 or B12. To do that you can consult a specialist who may request some blood tests.
  1. Chapped lips
One of the reasons for cracked lips might be vitamin deficiency. We’re talking about iron, zinc and vitamins B3, B2 and B12 here. That point is especially for you, vegetarians! It’s highly likely that your food regimen is responsible for the lack of those vital elements. To fix this, supply yourself with lots of eggs, peanuts, broccoli, paprika and seafood!
  1. Cramps
No matter what type of cramps they are, they’re always ‘not welcome’! So, you might need more magnesium, calcium or potassium plus vitamins from the B group. If you’re a keen athlete you probably lose lots of B vitamins with the sweat. That’s why you should consume more almonds, walnuts, pumpkin, bananas, apples and grapefruits. vitamins Have you experienced any of these symptoms? Share with us in the comment section so we could discuss! In the meantime, browse our food categories as you click here!


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