Barley – 5 More Health Benefits you Should Know about

Always skip to the pub to enjoy your barley and hops.” Well, barley must be a real treasure when it comes to food. This is a type of grain that has the special advantage of containing all 8 essential amino acids within itself. If you did not know about this, be sure to read our last article about barley where we explain more!

To continue the topic, we are now going to go through 5 more health benefits of this amazing culture:

  1. Protects from gall-stones

Did you know that barley may effectively help women prevent gall-stones formation? Because of its high content of insoluble fibers, barley really can help reduce the bile. This way it may decrease the levels of triglycerides. So, it turns out it is very important to get enough fibers, huh!?

  1. Prevents from osteoporosis

Thanks to elements like phosphorus and copper that are present in barley, you can be enjoying healthy bones. In case you already suffer from osteoporosis, though, this whole grain may be your best pill. There’s some information that the barley juice contains 11 times more calcium than milk. Can you imagine?

  1. Promotes healthy skin

Specialists also say that barley is super rich in selenium, which is a mineral, that helps maintain skin’s elasticity. This way it protects it from the damages that free radicals cause. What’s more, barley can even increase the functioning of the heart as well as of the pancreas. You probably know how bad for your health the lack of selenium can be, right?

  1. Prevents from cancer formation

Have you ever heard that barley, such a simple food, can prevent you from getting cancer? It actually contains phytonutrients that are also popular as lignans. One of those essential elements is thought to help against breast cancer formation as well as other hormonal types of cancer.

5. Keeps asthma away

The protein that’s present in barley is thought to be a main allergen for bakers’ asthma. As you can guess, it’s most common among the bakers. This is a professional type of illness that’s transferred thought air. However, it turns out the protein might be a nice source against such allergens in wheat flour.

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