10 More Coffee Facts you Might be Interested to Know

“Today is like coffee. It will be as good as you make it.” And because we’re pretty sure that’s true, we would encourage you to do whatever it takes to turn your day into a memorable one! How about taking your favorite mug, fill it with some good coffee and enjoy a fun and curious article like this? Here’s 10 facts about the flavorful drink that you might be interested to know:
  1. Are there any coffee maniacs amongst you?! It turns out 70% of people who can’t live without the ‘daily dose’ prefer Arabica, while the rest 30% drink Robusta. The first one is popular for its lighter taste whereas Robusta tends to have more bitter notes.
  2. Hey, did you also know that Robusta coffee is said to contain twice more caffeine than the other sorts? Although its from a lower quality, the beans are more heat-hardy and that’s why there can be much more crops.
  3. Speaking of Robusta and Arabica, we have to mention that lots of instant coffee producers mix both sorts quite often. Whether it’s because of the easiness or the cheapness, you have to ask them!
  4. By the way, there’s some information that back in 1906 instant coffee was made for the first time in Belgium. It’s George Washington’s name that people associate with the coffee today. Calm down! The scientist, not the president! grounded coffee
  5. Ever heard of (or tasted) Caffe Americano? Basically, it’s an espresso with hot water. There’s a belief it first appeared during the Second World War when the American soldiers couldn’t stand the strong European coffee and that’s why they diluted it with water.
  6. An interesting fact is that coffee is said to contain about 800 flavorful compounds. Now we know why the morning aroma is so tempting, right?
  7. Here’s something you can’t forget! Coffee goes in the second place when it comes to world sales. Do you know who’s the leader? Oil, of course.
  8. Caffeine might increase painkillers’ effects (mostly those of aspirin and paracetamol). This means that after a cup of coffee the acidity in your stomach goes higher and it would take and dissolve the pills much easier.
  9. More news for you, coffee maniacs! There’s proof that the wonderful drink contains substances that don’t allow the bacteria to destroy the tooth enamel. So, less dentist appointments for you, guys!
  10. Some also say that if you drink about 4 cups of coffee every day, this might reduce the risk of gallstones or even cirrhosis. Or probably both?
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