Delicious Bread Alternatives for the Hot Summer Days

Summer is at its peak now and many people say they feel bloated after eating. Why is that? Well, the heat is saying its say and it is that we shouldn’t eat more then we can chew, literally! Of course, just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean we should cut on food. Let’s take bread as an example of a product most people avoid during the summer. It’s said it can cause weight gain, higher blood sugar levels and (to some people) gluten allergies. However, there are quite a few bread alternatives that can give you what your body needs. Keep reading!

You usually enjoy your morning cup of coffee with a slice (or two) of bread for breakfast?

Well, in case you want to cut this habit off, at least for the summer, try taking some yoghurt. This Greek product is super nice for the morning snack, it’s light and easy to digest, plus it’s super tasty. You can always add some oats, fruits or whatever you feel like. With a single bowl of yoghurt you’ll most probably get your daily protein intake, which is also great. Greek yoghurt Another thing you can try is to boil some eggs. Good news is they are thought to have high nutritional value and (again!) proteins. Those will definitely keep you away from other food at least until noon. Third option – healthy pancakes! Why don’t you experiment a bit and choose banana porridge with some boiled eggs for the mixture? This way you’ll get another tasty bread alternative for the morning routine.

Do you think bread is ‘a must’ during lunch?

Some people don’t sit on the table if there’s nothing in the bread-basket. How are you supposed to eat your soup or take a dip into the main course, when there’s no piece of bread?! green sandwich Well, if you want to keep your waist thin for the beach, there should be some sacrifices. For example, you can eat the filling from the sandwich that you made for work. The products inside are good for you! Fresh salad, some feta (or other) cheese, olives, pickles or some kind of meat. What’s more, you can always stick to rice, which is a great alternative for bread. You know these don’t go together, right? That’s because rice is also a part of the starchy foods. rice

Lots of people are asking how to quit eating bread for dinner…

Instead of putting bacon on top of a thick slice of bread, try making yourself a cucumber sandwich. This veggie is said to be super low on calories! You can also add more leafy vegetables in your dinner menu. At least there are a lot of choices during the summer, right? legumes Hey, don’t forget to garnish your meal with some legumes like chickpeas, beans, lentils or others. A little fish from time to time is also a good idea! The combination between proteins and carbohydrates will most likely make you site. After all, it’s this what we’re aiming at, right? Did you enjoy today’s article about bread and its alternatives? Hit a like at our Facebook page and keep up with all other news we’ve got for you! Meanwhile, browse our Food store and choose your favorite products as you click here!


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