10 Funny Facts about Pigs and Pork

Some of you, meat lovers, would say: “If life gives you lemons, throw them away and get some bacon!” We love such kind of jokes because we shouldn’t take everything as serious as we tend to do. In this context today we’ve picked some funny things that you could learn about pigs and their tasty meat.
  1. Did you know that pork is the most recognizable meat in the whole world? According Food and Agriculture Organization it’s 36% of the people who regularly consume it. Even if it doesn’t seem much to you, that’s a lot of pork fans out there!
  2. Here’s a fun fact – in Denmark there are twice as many pigs as humans. Are these animals invading the country or what?!
  3. What about the health benefits? Well, it’s said that pork contains more proteins than chicken meat. What’s more, it’s super rich in vitamins from the B group, which makes it an excellent choice for your diet.
  4. The longest pork sausage ever measured is 62,75km long. Now that’s something we can’t picture!
  5. Pigs are domesticated for more than 9000 years, which dates back around the 7000 year BC.
  6. It turns out that the ones who consume pork the most are people from Montenegro. So, next time you’re visiting the country, you’ll know what to have at the restaurant.
  7. There are more than 180 pig species existing in the world! How many can you list?
  8. Here’s more about pigs – they are thought to live around 10 years, but the truth is that’s rarely the case. pigs run
  9. It’s believed that the fluffy animals are able to run 1,5km for 7 minutes! Are you ready for a competition?
  10. Have you ever wondered why pigs love mud? They don’t have sweat glands and that’s the reason why they can easily get sunburn during the hot summer days. Luckily, they’ve found their way to survive as they cover themselves with mud in order to keep their skin cooler.
Do you have any interesting things you can add to this article? We’d love it, if you share them in the comments! Plus, check out our pork products on the Meat section and don’t forget to have fun!


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