6 Health Benefits of Sesame Tahini

Tahini is so delicious that you definitely have to start using it more often! It’s also super healthy and nutritious, which makes it a top product. The paste from sesame seeds contains magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, vitamins and so many more! Here’s 5 health benefits of tahini’s use:
  1. Protects the heart
The fatty acids are the main ‘suspects’ here. They tend to lower the cholesterol levels as well as to normalize the blood pressure. So, if you’re suffering from heart issues, make sure to eat tahini from time to time.
  1. Stimulates the brain
Are you experiencing some trouble remembering stuff? Don’t worry, the sesame product is here to help you! The beneficial substances in it have a good effect on the nerves. This way tahini improves the memory and the thinking processes. Hurray!
  1. Helps for weight loss
If you’re a ‘diet person’, then you must have already met tahini. Most nutritionists include this product in dietary regimens as it’s perfect for getting rid of those extra kilos.
  1. Treats stomach problems
Tahini may also have a cleansing effect on your body, which is good for all kinds of stomach issues (colitis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, etc.) In case this sounds familiar to you, we suggest you consume plain tahini.
  1. Promotes healthy bones
As we said before, tahini is an absolute vitamin and mineral bomb! Thanks to the calcium, magnesium and phosphorus you can be sure that your bones are in a good state. These chemical elements provide your bone structure with more density and strength.
  1. Acts against cancer
It’s said that tahini may also reduce the risk of cancer development. It contains lignans – polyphenols that can have lots of beneficial effects on your body. You think there’s more to say about tahini? Hit the comments and add your suggestions! Meanwhile, browse our Tahini spreads by clicking here!


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