10 Kitchen Tips for Those who Love to Cook with Chocolate

Chocolate is like a time machine to the past, don’t you think? Biting one piece of it takes you back to when you were a kid. However, as grown-ups we have to learn how to preserve those memories through cooking, for example. Not every woman would dare to cook with chocolate, but after you read this article, you’ll see there’s nothing tricky about it. Without further ado, here are our 10 tips you could use when cooking with the cocoa temptation:
  1. If you want to melt chocolate, you can do this either using a water bath or your microwave. Familiar, right? Let’s see if you know more!
  2. When melting this sweetness, don’t put the whole chocolate bar in the cookware. Instead you could chop it so that it can melt evenly.
  3. An important thing to know about the melting process is that you should do it over low heat. Chocolate is extremely delicate and if you overheat it, you could end up with chocolate lumps.
  4. Did you know that the cocoa product retains its form when melting? That’s why you should always stir in order to understand if it’s ready. Don’t wait for it to turn into liquid! melting chocolate
  5. Always avoid putting water into the melted chocolate, because this would make it thick. However, if that happens you could add some oil to fix it.
  6. OK, enough about the melting process. Do you tend to store chocolate near other flavorful products? We don’t advice you to do so as it absorbs all kinds of smells.
  7. Here’s something to know about temperatures: Chocolate should be stored at around 18°С and it should never be heated over 50°С. Also, remember to keep the white chocolate in dark places!
  8. When you are making a frosting for your cake, it’s advisable for you to have a bowl of hot water nearby. Dip the knife inside and then gently make a smooth surface. chocolate cake
  9. Not having a food coloring? Don’t worry! Just use some imagination - orange juice for yellow, pomegranate juice for red and so on.
  10. Trust us, a little peppermint would make your chocolate icing super delicious! Have you tried it? peppermint for chocolate cake
What are you waiting for? Go grab your kitchen overall and get down to work! Bon appetite! Don’t forget you can find all kinds of Chocolate products on our Confectionary section. Click here!


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