8 Steps to the Perfectly Trimmed & Prepared Artichoke

Did you know that people used to call artichoke ‘a vegetable-flower’ as it was often a part of home interiors? The edible thistle has been a popular meal in Ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome. If you remember our previous blog post about it, you may already know that it’s actually very healthy. Read more here! However, a lot of people say they just can’t ‘get along’ with artichoke’s hard-to-trim body. For that reason today we’ve tried to simplify that process for you in 8 single steps. Keep going, there’s nothing scary about it! In fact, once you get it, it would be a piece of cake. OK, let’s get this started:
  1. Here’s the thing – what you can actually consume from artichoke is the so called heart. We suggest you supply yourself with latex or other protective gloves, wide and sharp knife, scissors, a small knife and half a lemon.
  2. When in contact with air the cut artichoke loses its natural color. That’s why you should prepare yourself a bowl of water and lemon juice. You can put the already sliced parts there.
  3. Before cleaning the vegetable, rinse it with cold water. Be careful, though, because artichoke’s leaves are pretty sharp – that’s why you’d need the gloves.
  4. Let it dry and here’s where the wide, sharp knife comes into operation. Cut the upper part – around 3-5cm of the top. artichoke trimming
  5. With the scissors you can cut off the sharp edges of the leaves. Then, using a knife, take away the whole stem all the way to the base.
  6. If your recipe requires stuffing the artichoke, you’re almost done! All that’s left to do is for you to boil it for ½ hour, get rid of the purple inner part plus the bits underneath it and cook your recipe. filled artichoke
  7. However, in case you don’t wanna fill it, then you have more work to do. Pull off all the leaves until you get to the center where the gentle ones are hiding. peeling artichoke's leaves
  8. With the small knife eliminate any remains from the rough leaves at the bottom. Slice the artichoke lengthwise in the middle and get the purple part away.
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