2 More Bread Superstitions you Wouldn’t Expect (+ Rituals)

“All sorrows are less with bread.” That’s what the famous Spanish novelist Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra used to say. It’s an absolute fact that having bread on the table is a sign of luck itself. After all, bread and salt had (and still do) a very special place in many countries’ traditions. Can you tell at least a couple of bread superstitions you already know? In case you’re struggling, check out our previous article. Otherwise, let’s see some more of these you would definitely not expect!
  1. Don’t eat bread in bed!
“No one is bigger than bread”, right? That’s why people say we should respect it and never lie in bed while eating. If, for any reason, a single crumb falls off on the sheets, you’ll probably be having nightmares tonight. You don’t want this, do you?!
  1. Put salt!
Speaking of bread and salt, there’s no chance we miss to mention how important salting is. There’s a belief that you should always sprinkle some salt on the very first and on the last bread bite you take. They say it’s a sign of hospitality and it might bring you luck and wealth. To you and to all your relatives. According to some superstitions, those who eat bread with no salt are true dare-devils! bread and salt

Who’s up for more mysticism about bread?

Except for the various superstitions, people believe there are many ways to use bread for fortune-telling. Some try to predict future bad events that are connected with the family. Do you want to know how? They take a bowl full of water and tear some bread pieces inside, both big and small ones. The biggest piece is said to symbolize the man in the family, whereas the smaller ones – the wife and the kids. Then the woman should dig her index finger inside the bowl and spin the water clockwise. If on the morning after all pieces are together, this means the family is going to enjoy health and happiness. On the other hand, if there’s a bread piece aside from the others, people might expect some trouble. Another thing our ancestors used to do with bread is to make predictions about young women’s future husband. They took three towels and put some bread, a ring and straw in each of them. They used to fold them in such a way so they can look almost the same. If the girl picked the towel with bread, she would have a rich husband. The ring meant greediness and stinginess, while straw was a symbol of poverty. What about the superstitions or bread rituals that you know from your childhood? Tell us more in the comments down below! In the meantime, browse our food section for various flours, grains and many more! Click here to shop!


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