Cool Facts about Beer and its Uses – Part 3

Ale or lager, in a bottle or in a can, ‘foamy’ or not – beer is definitely one of the most beloved drinks ever. Did you know beer itself was considered a symbol of wealth back in time? Catch up with the curious facts we shared with you in this article! OK, beer is beer, but do we know its most interesting secrets?! Let’s find out now!
  1. There’s a hypothesis that people first talked about the beverage in the 4th century BC. We associate this period with the Sumerian civilization. They used to call beer ‘sikaru’ To produce beer people grinded barley to form flour and used it to create their favorite sikaru drink.
  2. You already know that Ancient people thought of beer as a sign for wealth. To surprise you even more, we’ll reveal a little more info here. There’s a belief that in Ancient Egypt they used to drink beer using a straw. Of course, the wealthy bought themselves golden straws specially for the case! beer with a straw
  3. In the end of the 11th century beer got a new acquisition. Hobs! So, basically that’s how it received the taste we all know today. Thank hobs!
  4. Fun fact: according to a Czech test for beer’s quality, a brewer must spill the drink over an oak bench. Why? Well, people from the local authority had to sit on it and check whether their leather trousers stick to the bench or not. If not, they banned the batch from selling.
  5. Good news is this slightly alcoholic drink can be quite beneficial even for cancer patients. It turns out the amino acids in beer might stimulate the immune system and help people recover from chemotherapy’s bad side effects. What you can also notice if you drink beer often is a fit of energy and positive feelings. Who would have thought!?
  6. University research shows that billiards and beer actually do have something in common. In combination these two entertainments are said to prolong life. Hurray! Billiards is a light sport with lots of breaks, social contact and fun, while moderate consumption of beer cheers you up and brings up the good mood. billiards and beer
  7. Do you want a free beer? In one of the biggest breweries in Japan clients can have their drink gratis. Well, almost! The only condition is for you to consume it there while the Earth is shaking. Yeah, no joke! There must be an earthquake and you should be in this particular brewery in this very moment in order to have a free beer. Don’t worry, though! Thanks to hobs’ soothing effects, you’ll be so full of endorphins that you’ll hardly notice there’s something going on around you!
Hey, in case you know some other interesting facts about beer, we would love to know them! Hit the comment section and surprise us! In the meantime, browse our variety of Drinks by category as you click here!


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