2 More Tips on How to Get the Most out of Aubergines

You might be underestimating them, but eggplants are must-fry-vegetables. Ops, I mean must-try! There are only a few tricks you could use and you’ll most likely end up with a super tasty meal on the table. If, for any reason, you happened to miss our previous blog, catch up on the most important stuff here! So, here’s 2 more tips on how to get the most out of aubergines:
  1. Combine them with tomatoes
Tomatoes and aubergines – classics! It’s not a very common thing to combine fruits with vegetables, though. Yes, tomatoes are fruits. In case you don’t get it, check out this article. Anyways, it’s thought that these two go together very well and that’s definitely for a reason! Tomatoes are sour, sweet or juicy, while eggplants tend to suck everything up and that’s why the combo offers a lot of ways for improvising. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need a specific recipe to start! All you can do is take a bunch of tomatoes, celery, onions, carrots, stuff like that. Then add a couple of paprika (you can also take red hot chili peppers, if you wish), some sauce and cook. Put salted aubergine and continue cooking on low heat. aubergines with tomatoes All you have to do is cook, cook, cook until everything is nice and soft. In the end, you might wanna season with some chopped parsley or basil. Or you could try something more extravagant like tarragon or peppermint, why not! Stir, salt and voila! It will turn into the perfect dish, even though you didn’t expect this! TIP: For an additional taste (and healthiness!), I would suggest you add whatever super food you like. For example, quinoa or buckwheat might serve as a great garnish.
  1. Serve either hot or cold
Good news is aubergines are super flexible when it comes to serving. They are tolerant and delicate, so you won’t have any trouble, if you choose to serve them super-hot. It’s also not a problem to have them directly from the fridge (of course, they should be cooked before that!) or at least at room temperature. How about a hot eggplant soup? Awesome! When boiled, aubergines tend to give thickness and good texture to the meal. Plus, a hot veggie soup is always a good idea as the days are becoming colder and colder. And you can basically stick to any kind of soup or stew, because the ‘blue tomato’ usually goes well with a variety of herbs and spices. aubergine soup See? It’s not that difficult to think outside the box, is it?! Hey, how did you like today’s article? Don’t forget to drop us a comment down below as we would really appreciate it!


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