Meat & its Role in Our Diet: 2 Curious Questions Most People Ask

They say that “Wine is the intellectual part of a meal while meat is the material.” Well, it’s definitely true that most of us can’t sit on the table if there’s not a big, juicy steak in the plate. And there’s nothing bad about it! As a matter of fact, many food specialists as well as doctors say that meat has quite an important role when it comes to healthy lifestyle. This food is essential for lots of people who lack vitamins, minerals and other vital substances. Of course, it’s always a matter of choice! So, today we’re about to answer 2 of the most frequently asked questions about meat. Keep reading!
  1. Why is meat so important?
Classics! This is such a common question, especially for those people who prefer to avoid meat. They are always asking why on Earth is this food so special, after all. Well, we already gave a little hint in the beginning. The secret hides within the vital vitamins and minerals that are present in meat. Plus, an additional advantage is the fact it contains lots of proteins. As you know, our bodies need proteins in order to function, to grow and to recover quickly. What’s more, meat is a great source of energy as it contains plenty of iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin D and some vitamins from the B group. You’ll get all of these at once if you choose bird meat, pork or beef.
  1. Which types of meat would be best for me?
That’s an interesting question! Of course, everything depends on your personal organism, including your food tolerance, metabolism, personal taste and many more. For this very reason, it might be a good idea to consult with a professional, especially if you have certain diseases that need to be discussed. Otherwise, we can give you a list of some of the healthiest types of meat that are most commonly (or not!) used.
  • Let’s start with turkey meat. There's some information that among all other types, turkey has the lowest fat content. You probably know that saturated fats are what can turn a lovely and delicious meat into a “do-not-eat-it” So, turkey is also full of proteins, zinc and tryptophan – a basic amino acid that’s important for the brain.
  • However sympathetic you might be about it, rabbit meat also goes in the healthy chart. It’s low on fat and beats all other types when it comes to proteins (roughly 22%). In fact, protein absorption of rabbit’s meat is said to be around 90%! What’s more, this type also contains close to zero amount of cholesterol, which is great.
  • Chicken is another good alternative as this type of meat is thought to be quite rich in vitamin B12, zinc and iron. Of course, because of its popularity all around the globe, you should be super cautious when choosing chicken meat. We would suggest that you always read the labels and stick to bio production.
It turns out this question can be a separate topic itself! By the way, to read more about the healthiest types of meat, check out this article. Of course, there’s a lot more to answer about meat and its role in our diets, so be sure to follow our blog for the next articles! In the meantime, shop from our food store as you click here! 5 Things to Expect when you Quit Meat 5 Foods you Should Eat More During Autumn Craving for Coffee? See these 4 things that Might Be Causing it


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