3 Clever Ideas for an Easy-to-Work-With Dough

Sometimes we think we’re doing everything right, but it seems that’s not exactly true. If you are a keen home baker and you love to play with the dough, or even if you have a super poor kneading experience, you probably know that it’s not that easy as it seems. There are moments when the dough just doesn’t look (or feel) good and all the effort is gone with the wind. Today we offer you 3 clever ideas on how to make a dough that’s absolutely easy to work with:
  1. Crumbly dough?
Pastry dough usually turns loose when there’s no enough hydration. For this very reason, to fix this issue baking experts suggest to make a ‘well’ in the middle of the dough and add some milk. Mix with a fork (or whatever you like) and then continue with the kneading. crumbly dough
  1. The dough isn’t rising.
In case you have such a situation (which we all have from time to time), don’t panic! It might be because of two reasons. Either the temperature in your kitchen is too low (probably somewhere below 22C°, or you didn’t get to heat the milk before you mix it with the yeast. So, to avoid this problem, be sure to check for these two factors. rising dough
  1. Cookies stick to the paper.
Cookies that cannot unstick from the baking paper is every baker’s nightmare! In order to prevent this from happening, it’s always a good idea to use parchment paper that you grease additionally. But yet, if you haven’t got it handy at the moment and the sticking problem is already a fact, you can still do something about it. Hurray! Preheat the oven at the desired temperature and get those cookies back for about 3 minutes or so. When you take them out, start unsticking them immediately! cookies No matter what problem you are facing, when you are facing it, or if you are all by yourself, the first thing you need to remember is that you do not need to worry. The truth is that everything has a solution; you just gotta search for it. Plus, after all, “you are the boss of that dough”, right?! Hey, check out our flour section and choose from a variety of products designed for all kinds of purposes! Click here to shop! You might also be interested to read: 4 Questions about Gluten that will Help you Learn more about Yourself


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