TOP 5 Juicy and Tasty Greek Desserts you Would love to Try

“Desserts are the fairy tales of the kitchen – a happily-ever-after to supper.” Don’t you agree? Well, it’s never a bad idea to get something sweet in the end of a good meal. What’s really bad is making a choice on which one to have…just because they are all so tasty! Greece, a country full of wonderful recipes, definitely offers us a variety of choices when it comes to desserts. In fact, Greeks turn out to be real connoisseurs in terms of sugar products! Still, we tried to set them apart and this is how we ended up having a list of top 5 juicy sweets you can have from Greece:
  1. Tiramisu
Tiramisu – the dessert that awakens all our senses! Although you probably know it originally comes from another European country, Greeks also have something to do with this sweet. Chefs usually make it with ladyfingers that are lightly soaked in coffee and finely layered by egg and mascarpone cream. In Greece people also use cream cheese or whipped cream in order to make tiramisu. Well, no matter how it’s made, it really tastes like heaven! tiramisu
  1. Baklava
Oh, just how much we love all the juiciness that comes out of that little triangle slices! You will hardly meet someone who visited Greece and didn’t try this special dessert. The walnuts, the sugar syrup and all that crunchiness from the baking…you have to try it! baklava
  1. Galaktoboureko
In case you are a fan of syrup desserts, this one is a must-try, for sure. Plus, if you are also a beer lover, you will be surprised to find out how good is the combination between those two! The bitterness from beer somehow suppresses the sweetness that comes from galaktoboureko and they really complement each other. galaktoboureko
  1. Tulumba
This is another very, very delicious sweet that people make from flour, water, sugar, salt and butter. Sometimes it amazes us how such simple ingredients like these are able to form something so tasty! So, the tulumba should swell during the cooking process, but remain empty from the inside. This definitely makes it light and really nice. However, the syrup that most people put on top gives a final touch of sweetness and it literally starts melting in your mouth. Greek tulumba
  1. Revani
Greek revani is a traditional dessert that’s quite easy to make and turn out very delicious and, last but not least, juicy. The base consists of eggs, flour (or semolina) and sugar. From then on you are always welcome to experiment with nuts, fruits or whatever else you like. And in the end comes the best past – the sugar syrup, which goes all over the revani and makes it so juicy that you won’t be able to stop eating! Greek revani With so much words of sweetness, we have no patience to go grab some of our favorite Greek desserts! Which one would you like to try the most? Check out our Pastry category and make your best choice as you click here! 3 Types of Vanilla & their Main Differences How to Get the Most Out of Beer - 2 Simple Tips with Steps 10 Funny Facts about Pigs and Pork


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